Bud and Mary Mehuron's
50th Wedding Anniversary
Remembering the Parties
Here at the same web site we used for planning Bud and Mary Mehuron's 50th Wedding Anniversary Parties in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, we have posted the photos we took at the parties -- a family gathering at Billy's restaurant in Lincoln on Friday, September 29, and a gathering for a broad circle of friends at the Georgetowne Club in Omaha on October 1, 2000.
The Lincoln and Omaha photos are on separate pages. Each page has small "thumbnail" photos, but because there are many of these (30 for Lincoln, 43 for Omaha) even the thumbnails may take a few minutes to load. Individual pictures will take longer, once you click on the thumbnail. But you can also download them for printing out or other purposes.

Photo Albums of the Anniversary Parties
   Family Photo Album   Photos of the Omaha Party
   Photos of the Lincoln Party    Messages to Bud and Mary
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